Kind Deeds Messenger1934, DecemberKDM-71-DEC1934The story of a young girl and her Christmas dog.
Kind Deeds Messenger1934, NovemberKDM-70-NOV1934The story of Thankgiving from many societies.
Kind Deeds Messenger1934, OctoberKDM-69-OCT1934A story of Queen Victoria and her life long love of animals.
Kind Deeds Messenger1934, SeptemberKDM-68-SEP1934A story about John James Audubon and his love of birds
Kind Deeds Messenger1934, May KDM-67-MAY1934The ninth annual International Poster Contest
Kind Deeds Messenger1934, March KDM-66-MAR1934Annual Humane Essay contest winners
Kind Deeds Messenger1934, Februarykdm-65-feb1934A story of General Grant who became President Grant.
Kind Deeds Messenger1934, Januarykdm-64-jan1934A story of Abe LIncoln and how his life was shaped to show kindness and compassion.
Kind Deeds Messenger1933, Decemberkdm-63-dec1933A story of John Greenleaf Whittier and his love of animals.
Kind Deeds Messenger1933, Novemberkdm-62-nov1933A thanksgiving story of giving and life. A story of the human-animal bond, and animal therapy as practiced in 1933
Kind Deeds Messenger1933, Octoberkdm-61-oct1933Story of the Duke of Wellington, a great animal lover.
Kind Deeds Messenger1933, Septemberkdm-60-sep1933Change to Oakland rules, bans children from guns and slingshots.
Kind Deeds Messenger1933, Maykdm-59-may1933News of the 1933 Poster Contest. 4,000 posters with 200 from China.
Kind Deeds Messenger1933, Aprilkdm-58-apr1933kdm58_p1Amigo the elf (Brother Buzz) reports back to the Elf King of his adventures.
Kind Deeds Messenger1933, Marchkdm-57_p1

Brother Buzz learns about butterflys. Stories of two hero dogs.
Kind Deeds Messenger1933, Februarykdm-56_p1
Brother Buzz learns more of turtles. An address about values education.
Kind Deeds Messenger1933, Januarykdm jan1 933
Brother Buzz meets a turtle
Kind Deeds Messenger1932, Decemberkdm dec 1932
Brother Buzz is at a lily pond.
Kind Deeds Messenger1932, Novemberkdm nov 1932Brother Buzz - Toad storyBrother Buzz meets a toad along with Starbright, the fairy of the night. Rodolph I. Coffee, Ph.D. address on kindness to animals
Kind Deeds Messenger1932, Octoberkdm oct 1932School activities, traveling posters, scrapbooks, poster contest, essays, study of nature through the stories of Brother Buzz and the storyboard. Use of visual aids in humane education, a radio address on KLX.
Kind Deeds Messenger1932, Maykdm may 1932The International Humane Poster Contest news. Latham outreach for Be Kind to Animals Week.
Kind Deeds Messenger1932, Aprilkdm apr 1932Hero Animal aware in Minnesota. The value of Humane Education.
Kind Deeds Messenger1932, March kdm mar 1932Hero Animals, gold, silver and bronze medal winners for Ohio. The value of humane education in the public schools.
Kind Deeds Messenger1932, Februarykdm feb 1932Hero Animal report, Iowa Gold Medal, Radio address on the value of humane education, school activities
The Kind Deeds Messenger1932, Januarykdm jan 1932Hero Animal winners from Oregon. Announcement of the 6th annual humane essay contest, traveling Latham poster contest news.
The Kind Deeds Messenger1931, Decemberkdm dec 1931Hero Animals winners from Washington state in 1931. A horses prayer, and Care of dogs.
The Kind Deeds Messenger1931. Septemberkdm sep 1931Hero animals in America. The stories of three award winners are featured.
The Kind Deeds Messenger1931, Maykdm may 1931Brother Buzz in Batland introduces the reader to how bats help in nature.
The Kind Deeds Messenger1931, Aprilkdm apr 1931Brother Buzz in Rose-land. A report on the poster exhibition, essay contest and Hero Animals medals program.
The Kind Deeds Messenger1931, Marchkdm mar 1931Brother Buzz in Bird-land is featured. A radio address by a Kind Deeds Club is reported.
The Kind Deeds Messenger1931, Februarykdm feb1931We celebrate President Lincolns birthday. A Brother Buzz story, among the silk worms.
The Kind Deeds Messenger1931, Januarykdm jan1931Another Brother Buzz story is published. Among the earth worms.
The Kind Deeds Messenger1930, Decemberkdm dec1930A Christmas Carol
The Kind Deeds Messenger1930, November kdm nov1930Brother Buzz story continues
The Kind Deeds Messenger1930, Octoberkdm oct1930Brother Buzz, story 1 about the bumblebee elf.
The Kind Deeds Messenger1930, Septemberkdm sep1930Vacation at the seashore.
The Kind Deeds Messenger1930, Maykdm-35-may1930The March story continues as Bobbie and his new pet, a small monkey named Proto and their adventures. Including hearing La Marseillaise.
The Kind Deeds Messenger1930, Marchkdm-34-mar1930

A boy finds an unusual pet, and demonstrates personal responsibility in saving an animals life.
The Kind Deeds Messenger1930, Febkdm Feb 1930A boy and his dog, part 2 completes the story. Edith Latham
The Kind Deeds Messenger1930, Jankdm Jan 1930A school play for Be Kind to Animals Week and announcement of the 5th annual humane poster contest.
The Kind Deeds Messenger1929, DecKDM DEC 1929Rosa's Christmas Eve story and a address by Dolores Wilkins Kent on the values of humane education.
The Kind Deeds Messenger1929, NovKDM NOV 1929A story of a dog and young boy in a mixed family.
The Kind Deeds Messenger1929, OctKDM OCT 1929A story of a family loosing their father and moving to keep the family together. Their experience in helping animals and others is featured.
The Kind Deeds Messenger1929, SeptKDM SEP 1929A camp story about using a camera to catch wild game, and a note about Latham's Kind Deeds Club news on radio station KQW.
The Kind Deeds Messenger1929, MayKDM MAY 1929The value of contests is noted, and the report of the Latham Poster contest is given. There is also a note about Mrs. Gwyn Tebault recovering from multiple broken ribs, a knee and collar bone caused by a speeding driver.
The Kind Deeds Messenger1929, AprKDM APR 1929The story of Anna Harris Smith, Boston Animal Rescue League
The Kind Deeds Messenger1929, MarKDM MAR 1929Spider story and a childrens play about birds in one act
The Kind Deeds Messenger1929, FebKDM FEB 1929Loving hearts for February birthdays. Care of Dogs and Cats
The Kind Deeds Messenger1929, JanKDM JAN 1929Stories of working dogs, German shepherds specially trained to help the blind, News of the International Poster Contest and Essay Contest.
The Kind Deeds Messenger1928, DecKDM DEC 1928A Christmas feast for a hard working and poorly fed horse. News about Kind Deeds Clubs.
The Kind Deeds Messenger1928, NovKDM NOV 1928Story about St Francis of Assisi and showing kindness to all.
The Kind Deeds Messenger1928, OctKDM OCT 1928Story about bears and Yellowstone park.
The Kind Deeds Messenger1928, SeptKDM SEP 1928Story of Mrs Elizabeth Fite, Latham member and author of many Kind Deeds stories. A story of a beaver.
The Kind Deeds Messenger1928, MayKDM MAY 1928Humane Essay contest and the meaning of the Latham Foundation winged symbol.
The Kind Deeds Messenger1928, AprKDM APR 1928At the Portal, a play in one act for children illustrates the values that people and animals share in kindness. Stories of local Kind Deeds Clubs.
The Kind Deeds Messenger1928, MarKDM MAR 1928Lessons about birds and how to create a safe space for them.
The Kind Deeds Messenger1928, FebKDM FEB 1928A story of horses, and how a horse brought President Lincoln news. News of the Poster Contest.
The Kind Deeds Messenger1928, JanKDM JAN 1928A rural tale about a racoon and the evil of leg traps. How to form a Kind Deeds Club.
The Kind Deeds Messenger1927, NovKDM-12-NOV1927A warm thanksgiving story about cats, neighbors and a helping spirit.
The Kind Deeds Messenger1927, OctKDM-11-OCT1927A dog is rescued and children learn about dog care. Kind Deeds Club and school news
The Kind Deeds Messenger1927, SeptKDM SEPT 1927Wild deer and questions for consideration
The Kind Deeds Messenger1927, May KDM MAY 1927Garden toads role in nature.
The Kind Deeds Messenger1927, AprKDM APR 1927Henry David Thoreau story
The Kind Deeds Messenger1927, MarKDM MAR 1927An Earth Worm story
The Kind Deeds Messenger1927, FebKDM FEB 1927Abraham Lincoln - The boy who was not afraid to be kind
The Kind Deeds Messenger1927, JanKDM Jan 1927A silver fox rescue story
The Kind Deeds Messenger1926, DecKDM DEC1926The farmer's boy. Lessons in hard work and kindness.
The Kind Deeds Messenger1926, NovKDM Nov1926What Tom and Virginia learned about birds
The Kind Deeds Messenger1926, OctKDM Oct 1926The Tortise, and how this little creature started a small boy on a humane path
Latham News1932Minnie Maddern Fiske, Honorary VP of Latham diesMrs Fiske, a very famous actress and personal friend of Edith Latham dies in 1932
Latham Fountain Unveiled1913Latham Fountain 1913The fountain was donated to the City of Oakland by Milton and Edith Latham in honor of their parents and to provide water for the animals and people in the city.