Tales Kids Tell: The Humane Educator’ s Role in Breaking the Cycle of Abuse

We hope to have some of you join us for “Tales Kids Tell: The Humane Educator’ s Role in Breaking the Cycle of Abuse,” an online course in our Fall II term (October 19 – December 20) taught by Dr. Rebekah Byrd, Dept. of Human Development & Learning/Counseling at East Tennessee State University.

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

* Identify risk factors for cruelty to animals.
* Identify coping skills for the stress that is common in families and community programs that help families learn these skills.
* Identify signs of animal and child abuse and appropriate ways of reporting it, and reasons why some are reluctant to report.
* Identify risk factors that increase the likelihood that a young person will become violent and partake in abuse as well as factors that safeguard young people from exposure to risks.
* Identify ways to build empathy as a humane educator.
* Understand the role of community coalitions in reducing cruelty to animals and improving reporting.
* And more…

You can see weekly topics at website.

APHE members receive a 10% discount on registration. Please email me no later than noon EST Tuesday, Oct. 15 to receive the discount.

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