Latham and the Rodeo Cowgirls

Are you interested in Rodeo’s? Are you interested in cowgirls? How about kindness to animals? If you said Yes three times – this is just the film for you.

In a film by Steve Wursta, From Cheyenne to Pendleton you can learn more of the early history here at Latham. Back in 1928 we were faced with teaching kindness in public schools and ignoring animal cruelty then prevalent at rodeo’s, or taking a leadership role to help solve the problem. Guess which way Edith Latham and the Foundation choose to go? Latham led the way to develop humane standards for rodeo’s, so both the people and animals were protected. These standards continue to today.
Interestingly, Latham spent days filming a rodeo to document the actual cruel actions being taken. Then with the evidence, helped develop the more humane way for the people and animals to interact.

This film is a perfect teaching tool of the early 1900’s in the west.

The DVD is available directly at
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