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Breaking the Cycles Manual (10 Pack)

Breaking the Cycles Manual (10 Pack)


This is ten copies of the manual for the Breaking the Cycles video may be ordered separately from the training video set. Giving the viewers their own copy of the manual helps reinforces the training and gives them an additional resource to refer to.



Teaching Empathy

Animal-Assisted Therapy Programs for Children and Families Exposed to Violence

Teaching Empathy

Teaching Empathy: Animal-Assisted Therapy Programs for Children and Families Exposed to Violence is a repository of practical skills and interventions. You can select from a rich menu of ideas, assessment tools, worksheets and resources to design humane education and animal-assisted therapy programs that are safe for both the human and animal participants. You will not take an animal into a classroom again and be ignorant of the possible impact of your words and the animal's behaviors on certain children. All of this knowledge is essential to safeguard the welfare of both humans and animals and to promote the best that the fields of humane education and animal-assisted therapies have to offer.  From the foreword by Barbara W. Boat, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry Executive Director, The Childhood Trust, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center


Teaching Compassion

A Guide for Humane Educators, Teachers, & Parents

Teaching Compassion

INVENTORY REDUCTION, SPECIAL PRICE limited to available stock.

The meanings of animals in the hearts of children as revealed through artwork and poetry. A teacher's narrative and lesson plans to encourage respect, responsibility, compassion, and empathy. There is a section devoted to handling disclosures of child and animal abuse. Appendices include lesson plans, vocabulary lists, homework ideas, techniques for teaching poetry, ideas for role plays and art projects, and an extensive resource list.


Great Dog Adoptions, A Guide For Shelters

By Sue Sternberg

Great Dog Adoptions, A Guide For Shelters

The first full-length book by well-known author and lecturer Sue Sternberg. It provides practical, step-by-step directions that shelters and rescue groups can use to provide both behavioral and mental sheltering for the dogs in their care. Great Dog Adoptions is designed to increase the number of safe, lasting, loving adoptions. Importantly, these solutions don't require more space, more staff, or miracle dogs or owners. Shelter work is difficult and important. Learn how to prepare or modify a facility, assess dogs' temperaments, train dogs for success in homes, and match dogs with potential adopters. Appendices include reproducible handouts that shelters can customize and give to adopters, guidelines for adopters with children, and suggested return policies. The book concludes with the author's thoughts on euthanasia. 56 pages ISBN 0-9675330-1-5


Breaking the Cycles of Violence

A video and training Manual (Set)

* Video Format: 
Breaking the Cycles of Violence

When animals are abused, people are at risk; when people are abused, animals are at risk. This video, which is accompanied by a 64-page cross training manual, helps child protection, human service, domestic violence, and animal welfare professionals identify, report, investigate, and treat interrelated forms of family violence. The video is a sensitive portrayal featuring a cross-disciplinary team of experts. It promotes community awareness about the connections between family violence and animal abuse. The video and manual are designed to train agency personnel, cross-train other agencies, sensitize community groups, and build coalitions. (26 minutes; Mature teens through adult; psychology, corrections) AVAILABLE IN VHS(ntsc/pal) OR DVD(ntsc)  See a clip of Breaking the Cycles on Vimeo (2004)

Quantity discounts of the training manual are available.

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