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Horses Heal Too

animal therapy, volunteers, horses

* Video Format: 
Horses Heal Too

Horses Heal Too - Two Different Paths to Healing

Rescued horses in two very different programs help troubled youth learn respect, responsibiility, empathy and compassion. Both Programs benefit children and horses in need of a second chance.

Zuma's Rescue Ranch - A well-established program in Denver, Colorado, where rescued horses are paired with at-risk youth in a mutually therapeutic programs.

Reaching Hands Ranch - A grass-roots program in northwest Wyoming, where youth assist in the rehabilitation and adoption of horses after school and on weekends.

Horses Heal Too clip on Vimeo (2016)


(All ages; 24 minutes. Social Studies, Science, Undergraduates and above, Professionals, Occupational Therapy, Juvenile Justice, Criminology, Corrections)



Faith and Hope on a Farm

therapy, compassion, farm

* Video Format: 
Faith and  Hope on a Farm

Faith and Hope on a Farm is an inspiring reminder of why we teach compassion, empathy, and respect to help break the cycle of abuse. This film is part of the HelpMeHelpYou series of films where animals and children can care for each other, and through their interaction help each other.

The film highlights Forget Me Not Farm in Santa Rosa, California, where at-risk children and animals bond and heal to break the cycle of abuse. Children learn gentle touch and respect for both other humans and animals through animal-assisted and horticultural activities at this safe haven.


The film features Faith, a formerly-abused child who was adopted by wonderful parents. You'll see her blossom at Forget Me Not Farm and you'll be reminded that where there's life, there's hope.


(All ages; 15 minutes. Social Studies, Science)

Latham(2012) Faith and Hope on a Farm clip   Available in DVD


Green Chimneys, Blue Skies

farm, children, respect, therapy

Video Format: 
Green Chimneys, Blue Skies

Green Chimneys, Blue Skies  At Green Chimneys School in Brewster, New York, animals have been helping kids succeed academically, socially, and emotionally for more than 65 years. In turn, kids have been helping rescued animals. How and why do they do it?

This film is part of the HelpMeHelpYou series of films where animals and children can care for each other, and through their interaction help each other. It is also a comprehensive and detailed look at Green Chimneys' philosophy and methods. It is also a reminder of the power of the human-animal bond and sure to leave you moved and inspired.


Green Chimneys clip on Vimeo (2014)


Teaching Compassion

A Guide for Humane Educators, Teachers, & Parents

Teaching Compassion

INVENTORY REDUCTION, SPECIAL PRICE limited to available stock.

The meanings of animals in the hearts of children as revealed through artwork and poetry. A teacher's narrative and lesson plans to encourage respect, responsibility, compassion, and empathy. There is a section devoted to handling disclosures of child and animal abuse. Appendices include lesson plans, vocabulary lists, homework ideas, techniques for teaching poetry, ideas for role plays and art projects, and an extensive resource list.

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